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Please read the wonderful messages of love and support for Israel that we have received! You can submit your own message of support in the Comments section below.

To make this project a success, we ask that you invite all your friends and family to come send their message.

With Love of Israel,

IRIS (Information Regarding Israel’s Security)

Below are some of the messages we have received

“You are God’s Chosen and you will survive-nothing can stop you.”Paul and Kay Marcus, USA
“Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!”Shimshon, Israel
“May the Lord bless and keep you safe, and make His Face to shine upon you and give you peace! With Love from America, Joni Ames”Joni Ames, USA
“I love you Israel!”Gayle Bauer, USA
“You are the apple of HIS eye remember this!”Gina Herrmann, US
“May G-d bless you & give you peace.”Darlene Hughes, USA
“we love you and will never leave you”sharon, israel
“We love and bless you Israel. May Moshiach come quickly”Roslyn Olsen, USA
“I have been to Israel twice and would live over there in a heartbeat. My husband support you and love you and are very afraid sometimes when our country does not handle foreign policy in the light of being a friend to Israel.”Coleen Whiteside, United States
“You are a brave and noble people with an amzing heritage. You are an inspiration to us in the USA. We pray for you daily and love you.”Shannon, USA
“I am praying the God will continue to bless the beloved nation of Israel and that they will see His hand at work in their nation, even in the worst of times.”C. J. Biggerstaff, USA
“I keep a photo of Jerusalem near my desk at work, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. “V. Naron, USA
“Our God is an awsome,amazing God! His love for us is so great!”Denton Miller, USA
“I love you…”Sabrina Polly, USA
“We Love You, Israel”Sandra Wajstau, Canada
“When a mans ways please the Lord even his enemies are at peace with him. You are god’s people stay close to him seek his face and we are praying and supporting you daily. Just returned fro a journalist trip to Jordan and stood firm on their need to let go of the past and that God’s hand is on Israel and it’s people.”Andrea Gagliano, USA
“Am Yisrael Chai, l’olam vaed!”Dawn T Jones, USA
“Be strong, be strong. Judaism is based on 4 things, not 3: G-d, People, Land, Torah. Don’t neglect holding and settling The Land.”M Zimmerman, USA
“We love you!”Alfredo Espinoza, Argentina
“Ani Ohev Otach Yisrael. Baruch atah adonai mi ohev yisrael”Andrew Ostlund, United States
“Dear Israel, You are the Land of G-d and His people. I support you in any manner G-d leads me. Your land is His land and should not be given away to those who would destroy you.”Steve Davis, USA
“We are with you! We love you and support you! Never grow discouraged because the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is always with you. He will protect you from your enemies.”Eddie and Erica Exline, USA
“Everything about Israel is so fascinating-one can learn a great deal about human nature and history by studying it”Milena Uhlmann, Germany
“On this momentous occassion, please do not lose faith in the future and succumb to those who advise to surrender to our enemies.”Moshe Gottesman, USA
“Let’s celebrate by working for peace and the end of poverty!”Adoniram Ben-Abda HaLevi, King David’s Commonwealth
“Strength with eyes open.”Gary Zimmerman, USA
“Shalom, shalom be upon Yerushalayim!! Peace to our Bothers & Sisters across the ocean!!”Vanesa Culp, USA
“The vitalty and its dynamic citizens is a source of pride to the Jewish people.”Jay Rothschild, USA
“May your nation be blessed – we pray regularly for the peace of Jerusalem”Michael Watson, Scotland
“stay strong, firm and proud”Libby Garshowitz, Canada
“May lasting Peace be in the immediate future for the State of Israel and throughout the Middle East”Mildred and Edwin A. Sturman, United States
“We love you and pray for your safety every day.”Linda and Sandy Ader, USA
“It is not easy for you but we want you to know that we support your fighting for survival”Adele Cherry, USA
“I love Eretz Yisrael. It’s the current medina that is unpalateable.”Moshe Burt, Israel
“What happens to one Jew happens to all Am Yisrael.”Charles Krischer, United States
“Praying for you. and standing with you.”Sharon, USA
“Glory of Zion! Be encouraged in the Lord today; thank you for our inheritance in your patriarchs and land; ALL BLESSINGS OF SHALOM and the protection and peace of God be your portion! We pray for you daily; (Genesis 12:3) May you flourish economically as a country and personally, and may your sons, daughters, old ones and youth rejoice in the land God has set aside for YOU. Do not surrender any of the ancient boundaries (Proverbs, “Do not move the ancient boundary stone.” Anoint your leaders with godly wisdom as He did when they built the wall. May every terrorist cell be stripped of its occult covering; may Jerusalem be a delight and joy to the NATIONS!! We love you and support you!”Georganne and Robert Schweickert, USA
“Blessed be the God of Israel and its special people. With deep undrstanding and symphaty to all who lost a dear in Holocost.”Pauline Nikolov, USA
“Keep strong!”Karen Berk, USA
“I love you Israel praying always for your peace and safety God Blessing”Gloria Webb, USA
“Israel, Though not your son, I humbly offer my arm against your foes in battle. A warrior to the end in your service. Michael”David Michael LeFavour, USA
“The people and land of israel are in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis. i pray for peace and comfort for all in the holy land. that people could live with out fear and anger in our ancient homeland.”Donnella Whitacre, USA
“Israel lives! Keep the faith and do what you must to continue to do so.”D L Cohen, USA
“You, Israel, are my heart. I am an American.. but, an Israeli American!”Arlene Peck, USA
“I pray for Every Blessing to be upon the Land and People of Israel. I await for that promised day when the Light of the World shines from Jerusalem – but definitely not from a mosque.”Penelope Knight, USA
“To love Israel one must go to Jerusalem, and see the love their. Soon I hope that rest of Israel will notice.”Richard Wenig, USA
“Stay faithful and strong, and compassionate “Robert, USA
“I love Israel”Warren Moore, USA
“I unite myself in prayer for G-d’s will to be done with Israel.”Patrick, USA
“I pray for the peace of Jerusalem,and ALL of Israel.Until now,the only way I’ve been able to express my love and concern for the Jewish people has been through my sponsorship to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.I am pleased to have the opportunity to express in words,that which mere money cannot say.As Israel is the apple of G-d’s eye and He has promised in His word,that whoever blesses Israel,He will bless.And whoever curses Israel,He will curse,I choose blessings and love and life …for Israel and myself,as G-d has provided for the plans He has,so shall His plans be put forth.Stand still and behold the power of the Lord.Stand firm and know the the Christian brothers stand with you.G-d bless Israel and Jerusalem forever,Amen.With much love,respect and honor,I humbly submit my message of love and solidarity to the Jewish people around the world.G-d bless us all.”Dallas Wilson, USA
“We love you. Please do not self-destruct by giving land to enemies determined to use that land to launch attacks against innocents. Remember that Abbas wrote and published a book (when he was about 40) that denies the Holocaust happened on a large scale. “Derite Gordon, USA
“Israel is not a Gan Eden YET…Let us keep the faith…It is the only place on earth that Jews can live in COMPLETE freedom.”Sandra Freeman, Canada
“WE are love you and are standing with you!”Vickie Woods, USA
“I love Israel – have visited your beautiful country two times already and desire to come back. I am praying for the peace of Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem! Shalom!”Christine Warden, USA
“STAY STRONG!”Ruth and Sidney Greenberg, CANADA
“Always in my heart and soul”Victoria, USA
“Although I am not Jewish, I am a strong supporter of Israel. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”Timothy Rivers, USA
“We pray for peace and safety for all of Israel. We love Israel and you people, because it is and will be Gods country and Gods people.”Birgit & Harald Goergens, Germany
“God Bless you Israel, the apple of God’s eye!”Sue, USA

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  1. I have something to say. I have been quite for long enough. I am a 38 year old white male from the United States. There has been this stereotype going around in the states the if we are white and conservative, that we are racist against everything that is not white. This is untrue. We regard Isreal and the Jewish community as our brothers and sisters. We love all of you as if we shared the same blood. Radical liberals have distorted and stoked the lines of racial division in this country. The democratic party, in an attempted coup, are doing everything that they possibly can to completely destroy the conservative ideology. They actively recruit advocates to travel to Latin America to convince families to travel here, for nothing more than votes, so that they can have totalitarian control of this country. I was born in 1981, in a conservative state, and I can tell you that I grew up in a household that, not once, was I every indoctrinated with the idea that I should dislike or hate anytbody that was different from me. Neither were any of my white peers. This is the truth for most of us who live in the United States. Do not be persuaded by their lies. The democratic party has commited treason against their country. We love Isreal and our jewish brothers and sisters, and I hope, that when everything does go sideways, that you know that we love you so very much and that there has never been a greater ally, friend, brother, or sister, to the United States than Isreal and the Jewish community. This is how we, the conservatives, feel about our Jewish family members. We are family, and there are people who are trying to destroy that family. What are we going to?

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